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Horse Boarding- A Place For Your Horse to Stay

Pasture Board Self Care $200

We have very small pasture herds of 3-4 horses. Every pasture has a rotation pasture and they are rotated as needed. Every pasture has a dry lot, tack room, run in shelter, and a automatic watering station. We grain self care with (1) 3qt scoop twice a week and provide round bales in the winter months. Every horse is checked on daily.

Pasture Board Full Care $275

Full Care Pasture Board has the same pasture set up as Self Care but we grain up to 4lbs (1.5 scoops) daily, fly spray, blanket, medicate if needed, supplement if needed. The horses are on a dry lot every night with a run in shelter. Any specialty feed, supplements, or medications are not provided.

Self Care Stall Board starts at $325

Self Care Stall Board includes a 12 x 14 stall, individual dry lot, individual 3/4 acre turn out. Stall board can have customized care included and pricing can vary depending on your horses needs.

140 x 100 Outdoor Riding Arena

40' Round Pen

120 Acres of wooded dirt and grass footed trails

Hot Water Wash Stall and Grooming Stall

Round Bales

Horse Hotel Overnight Boarding »

Overnight boarding lots are conveniently placed right off the driveway with plenty of turnaround space for a trailer. There are two lots and they consist of a stall with individual turn outs. Our farm is located 30 seconds off of Highway 70.

Nightly rental is $30 per lot.

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The pastures are rotated so we keep our horses on grass for most of the year this picture of the pasture was taken in early November.

Enjoy your vacation and leave your horse(s) safely with us!

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